In addition to the violins, violas, and cellos that I make myself, I always have an apprentice or two making instruments that sell in a lower price range than my instruments. These apprentice instruments are constructed using my wood, patterns, measurements, varnish, etc, under my direct and close supervision. They are fantastic values. I also carry a line of the best student violins, violas, and cellos available, which are set-up and adjusted in my studio.


MakerYear madePrice
David Folland2003$20,000
David Folland1995$15,000
Marina Hawe Penzberg$14,000
David Folland1985$12,000
K. Lothar Meisel1972$12,000
David Folland1985$12,000
Ernst Henrich Roth1928$10,000
Heinrich Heberlein Jr.$10,000
Ernst Henrich Roth1924$9,500
Eugene Holtier2017$7,500
Delia Potts (Apprentice to David Folland)2017$7,500
Isaac Hall2001$7,500
Philip Soltis2012$7,000
Vlado Tilev2014$4,000
Jay Haide$3,800
Matthew Hannafin2016$3,500
Emmanuel Wilfer2015$3,500
Jurgen Klier1989$3,500
Karl Sandner1981$2,700
Jay Haide2013$2,400
Jay Haide2015$2,400
Camillo Callegari2015$2,100
Lewis & Son$950


MakerYear madePrice
David Folland1997$17,000
Erick Werner1984$4,000
Jay Haide2012$3,400
Jay Haide2015$3,400
Samuel Shen2004$3,000


MakerYear madePrice
Philip Soltis2015$18,000
Jay Haide2015$8,900
Jay Haide2016$5,300