New Instruments

Finding Your Ideal Sound In An Instrument Created For You

Having a violin, viola, or cello made specifically for you can be a great way to find the instrument that fits you best, both in sound and playability. This is a collaborative process that begins by me listening to closely to what the musician is looking for, their ideas and descriptions of what a perfect instrument would be for them. Also, hearing particular recordings or performances can be useful at this point.

Then we proceed to playing and listening to a number of instruments having different tonal characteristics, to help clarify and solidify those verbal descriptions. It usually becomes quickly evident what the type of sound a player gravitates toward and what fits him or her best.

Having played the violin since childhood has developed in me an ear that is able to hear subtle nuances of sound, and having gone through this commissioning process with hundreds of players for thirty years enables me to get at the heart of what the musician is looking for in an instrument.

This, for me, is what violinmaking is all about. A violin, viola, or cello cannot play itself; a musician must give it life. But to strive to listen, comprehend, and then create the best possible insturment to give that musician his or her unique and individual voice is what keeps me at my bench and gives my work meaning and purpose.